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First Choice Properties Luxury Property in Spain
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Virtual Tours at €100 Per Property!




Virtual Tours at €100 Per Property!



                     Click Here to See Luxury Properties with Virtual Tours



Virtual Reality Photo Tours

First Choice Properties have now introduced a brand new feature onto their website - Virtual Reality Tours.



What is a virtual tour?

Our partner company Sorted360 use java technology which enables visitors on a website to interact with special panoramic images. By simply clicking on the image and moving your mouse, you can look around a room, or even outdoor places of interest. You will not be limited to just looking left and right. Feel free to look up and down as a sorted 360 virtual tour enables you to see a full 360 degrees!


How can it benefit me/us?

A virtual tour gives potential clients a much greater feeling for a property compared to photos, which in turn cuts down on wasted viewings and saves time for all concerned.

Prospective purchasers spend 40% more time on a website with virtual tours ensuring maximum exposure for your property.

A photo only shows a small percentage of a room in a property whereas a virtual tour shows the whole thing!

Properties on websites which have virtual tours are viewed 300% more than those with just photos.


How long does a virtual tour take?

The time spent in the property is 3 minutes per room maximum! After this we return and 'stitch' the images together which takes a further 1 hour per job. This means you can expect your virtual tour on our website the same day! For CD Rom presentations, please allow an extra 48 hours.

What if we would like the virtual tour on our own website?

If you have your own website, then don't worry. We can upload it for you. Alternatively, we can send it directly to your website design team for them to place it on your website.


What does it cost?

€100 per property! No matter what size it is. This includes travel between Sotogrande & Benalmadena. No-one else we know will offer this service, quality and importantly, price - wherever you are in the world! Trust us, we’ve looked!



Call us now to arrange your virtual tour. If you quote ‘Posterity’ we will even arrange for your virtual tour to be put on CD in full quality for you to keep as a memory.



We highly recommend a virtual tour to present your property. We have found that they create much more interest, which can attract many more potential buyers and help to sell your property in a shorter time.

For further information on our virtual tours and to make an appointment, please contact us on +34 952 828 193 or e-mail us at




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